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13 Jul The Italian pizza market in Canada aims at quality


*Gabriele Valdès

The pizza consumption in Canada is among the highest in the world: just behind the United States and Italy: 7.5 kg of pizza consumed annually, a clear sign of how successful this Italian symbol is in Canada.   

The Canadian public not only loves pizza, but in recent years is more focused and sensitive to the quality of the pizza product, preferring excellent mixes and condiments, I hope by refusing the use of raw materials so-called “Italian Sounding”, that exploiting the reputation of the Made in Italy, they only offer low-quality products.  

The trend therefore goes towards the constant raising of the level of the average offer and a very interesting rediscovery of the native Canadian grains that, thanks to the local mills, are transformed into increasingly balanced and complete flours, perfect for turning out excellent pizzas. 

When we talk about pizza, we generally mean that product able to enter every person’s daily diet because of its informality, the comfort food easy to eat and often undemanding in terms of spending. However, we can track a more accurate picture of Italian pizza in Canada, trying to keep out the cross over between the mix styles, that wink to North American tastes.   

Neapolitan pizza is still the most widespread, with a dominating expansion in the last ten years, which has led this type of pizza to saturate the North American market like few other types of cuisine.  In other words, if I go looking for an Italian pizzeria in Canada, 90% of the time I’ll find a Neapolitan style round pizza, served on a plate and often cooked in a wood or gas oven. 

Current regulations make it impossible to install wood-fired ovens in the historic centers of Canadian cities, which is why this type of oven will slowly disappear in favor of the latest generation of gas or electric ovens. 

The pizzerie menus show how the Canadian taste is always strong and present in combinations: the ingredients used in the pizzas tend to unorthodox combinations of flavors to Italian standards, but this pizza is selling well and the market does not stop.  

In recent years, however, something new has entered in the Canadian gastronomic landscape: the pizza slices began to intrigue and conquer North America. 

Strengthened by its “prèt a porter” style, assisted by a lower impact on the expense of a new opening, the pizza slices seduced the United States and Canada who have learned to appreciate this type of pizza already rooted in Italy for decades. 

Only in the area of ​​Montréal there were many openings in the last three years, demonstrating how pizza slices has immediately met the favors of a varied clientele with different tastes.  

Among the qualities appreciated by Canadians there is the practicality of consumption, which makes it usable to customers both in the same pizzerias and in the domestic environment, thanks to the possibility of being heated in the oven returning to be fragrant and crunchy as freshly baked. 

Starting a good pizza slice restaurant is becoming a good business all over North America thanks to the availability of equipment and raw materials easily available throughout Canada and the United States.


*professional advisor in the pizza industry

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