Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada West | EU-Canada Leaders’ Meeting on 29 October 2020
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Charles Michel Presidente Consiglio Europeo

02 Nov EU-Canada Leaders’ Meeting on 29 October 2020

The leaders of Europe and Canada celebrated the third anniversary of the provisional entry into force of the EU-Canada Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) and CETA with a videoconference meeting, reaffirming their commitment to collaborate on the main issues on the international agenda and on the positive results of CETA.


Paolo Quattrocchi


In a videoconference on 29 October, the President of the European Council, the President of the European Parliament and the Canadian Premier resumed their dialogue after the last bilateral summit in July 2019.


As emerged from the declarations made by the parties at the outcome of the meeting, the EU and Canada reaffirmed all the commitments undertaken in the Strategic Partnership Agreement, signed in 2017 a few months after the entry into force of CETA.


In this regard it is worth reporting the comment of Charles Michel, President of the European Council:



“We had the opportunity to reaffirm the partnership, the solid, intense, robust alliance. Beyond the partnership and the alliance there are solid ties of friendship between the EU and Canada as we are well aware of sharing common values that underpin our vision of the world: the rule of law, human rights, the convinced need to share rules, support for multiculturalism and the belief that global challenges call for comprehensive and global responses.





COVID-19 and economic recovery


The topics covered during the discussion are of great importance: from the effects of the pandemic and the reaffirmed common commitment of the European Union and Canada on their respective fronts, to a more general protection of citizens’ health; from the development of a sustainable economic plan to the launch of an economic recovery based on innovative, sustainable and inclusive principles.

Read the Joint press statement by President Michel, President von der Leyen and Prime Minister Trudeau


The results of CETA


During the summit, the brilliant results of CETA, which has been active for three years now, were also evaluated with great satisfaction, in the hope that the treaty will soon be ratified by all member states.


They also highlighted the issues on which the EU and Canada had committed themselves with the Strategic Partnership Agreement:

– cooperation within international organizations in which Canada and the EU play an active and decisive role; sustainable development;

– climate change, the environment and clean energy;

– digitization and artificial intelligence;

– foreign policy, security and the Arctic.


Due to the explicit commitment of the parties, these meetings will continue on a regular basis, confirming the need to further strengthen that privileged relationship between the EU and Canada which boasts profound political, historical and cultural motivations. It is in fact a fundamental tie for the nations and for the citizens who adhere to it. Canada and the European Union, with growing strength of cohesion, now represent a point of reference and balance in an international scenario where there are many forces that tend to confront each other with methods and objectives that are not always shared.


From this spirit of unity, which appears ideal and concrete to the same extent, joint actions will be able to pursue and achieve the objectives that the EU and Canada are committed to achieving.





Source: European Council




* direttore Centro Studi Italia Canada, partner Nctm Studio Legale,

vicepresidente Camera di Commercio Italiana in Canada Ovest

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