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22 Jun CSIC and FAIR together dedicated to sustainability and innovation

We are pleased to announce the collaboration started between the Centro Studi Italia Canada and FAIR – The Florentine Association of International Relations.


FAIR is a non-profit, non-partisan, and apolitical association, created to build a bridge between ideas, talents, creativity of young people and the business world in the name of sustainable development. In fact, FAIR was born with young people and for young people: particular attention is the empowerment of the new generations.

FAIR has been working for almost ten years to transform this vision into reality through training, communication, dissemination of good practices, research, dialogue with an offer of cognitive resources supported by a network, not only nationally, of people who share values, knowledge and quality know-how in the sectors of sustainability, the circular economy and responsible innovation.

The common goal is to contribute to enhancing the issues of sustainable development, putting into practice innovative and inclusive actions and projects.



Italy has taken the first steps in this direction, but there is still a long way to go.


This means, for example, helping to reorient the paradigm of the production systems of Italian excellence through the application of the principles of the circular and regenerative economy.



Made in Italy, understood as the “intangible resource” of the country and meeting point of creativity and manufacturing knowledge, must innovate and innovation must be sustainable and responsible by acting on the entire value chain.


In this sense, Made Green in Italy has given substance to the desire to associate the Italian production chain, among the best known and appreciated in the world, with the improvement of production and consumption models.

The quality of Made in Italy must therefore also include the environmental quality of the product at every stage of the life cycle, from the processing and transformation of raw materials and semi-finished products to distribution and disposal.


Competitiveness on national and international markets cannot fail to take advantage of it.


From this point of view, Canada is not only an important trading partner but an international entity linked to Italy by cultural closeness and affinity of values on which to build a strong alliance in the name of sustainable development.

Canada updated the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS) in 2019. It defined the environmental sustainability priorities of the Canadian government, set goals and targets and set out actions to achieve them.


It is a country that has identified a concrete objective in the green economy, rather than a future of opportunities.


Sustainability in Canada is already a present that, thanks to innovation and investment in research, allows growth by protecting the health of people and the Planet.


In the Europe of the Green Deal, in an international community that is preparing to face the next World Climate Conference, Italy is called to play a leading role.

The appointment of the Italian state to the co-presidency of COP26, which will be held in November 2021 in Glasgow, will entail an even greater commitment, putting in place policies aimed at building a new socio-economic paradigm. The crucial issues will be the circularity and efficiency of resources, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the transformation of manufacturing processes and products by implementing life cycles with a low environmental impact.


A further opportunity for the European Union – and for Italy – to deepen the principles of cooperation with Canada formally included in the Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA): human rights, international security, environmental protection and sustainable development.

With the support and collaboration of FAIR, we will give more and more space to these issues, which are at the center of the international agendas of this decade, through research, focus and open debates and anything else useful for the dissemination of culture and the dissemination of good practices of the Sustainable Development.


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