Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada West | 2017-2020 Happy birthday, CETA
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Canada Import From Eu

28 Sep 2017-2020 Happy birthday, CETA

Three years after the entry into force of CETA, the data are positive for both Italy and Canada. In addition, before the global crisis triggered by the Coronavirus emergency, the Europe-Canada Treaty may be an additional opportunity for European and, therefore, Italian entrepreneurs.

Paolo Quattrocchi*


Time passes: three years have passed since the entry into force of CETA and so far none of the catastrophic predictions of the NO CETA have been revealed.


On the contrary, the data show and confirm that, both for the EU and for Canada, the effects are more than encouraging and confirm the positive trend that had manifested itself since the first months of the agreement’s effectiveness.


The data is clear and explicit.


Import / Export Europe- Canada




Tables are from


Also taking into account what happened following the pandemic, the results are therefore more than positive.


The entrepreneurs are satisfied and, although the reciprocal tendencies are towards a strengthening of the consumption of local products, the volume of trade remains high.


The recovery, which will necessarily follow what is looming as the worst crisis ever, will see in CETA and its predictions a formidable lever of support for entrepreneurs of all sizes.


Source: European Union (2015)


And then, compared to those who recently announced, worried, the increase in imports of products considered dangerous, I recall that CETA does not impose obligations:

if you are considering purchasing Canadian products, you can do so under certain (advantageous) conditions; those who do not want it can go and buy those same products where they like best and is convenient.


Let’s go on like this: the provisional execution can last a long time and it will be interesting to see who will take the trouble to eliminate an agreement that is doing so much good to Italian entrepreneurs.


*Director of Centro Studi Italia- Canada, Partner Nctm Law Firm,

Vice President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada West

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