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Schermata 2020 10 12 Alle 14.57.13
24 ott
EU-Canada international trade and gender equality

In the context of CETA, the EU and Canada are working to promote the participation of women in international trade and to know what impact trade agreements can have on female businesses and workers.   Do free trade treaties have an impact on gender equality?   Undoubtedly, policies for...

Programma Locandina Webinar
19 ott
Webinar Business Opportunities in Canada with Paolo Quattrocchi

Web live conference October 22, 2020 | 5.30 pm - 7 pm The director of Centro Studi Italia Canada, Paolo Quattrocchi, will speak, as a guest of the StarGate project, at a webinar on business opportunities in Canada in the era of the pandemic and the...

Canada Import From Eu
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2017-2020 Happy birthday, CETA

Three years after the entry into force of CETA, the data are positive for both Italy and Canada. In addition, before the global crisis triggered by the Coronavirus emergency, the Europe-Canada Treaty may be an additional opportunity for European and, therefore, Italian entrepreneurs.   Paolo Quattrocchi*   Time passes:...

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E-Commerce in Canada

Internet and Canada. The market becomes virtual, the paradigm transformation of purchasing behavior resembles a revolution supported by the growth of electronic commerce   The article by the lawyer Francesco Granata, Senior Associate Nctm Law Firm, is taken from the series of lectures held as part of...

Safe Food for Canadian Regulations: what changes from July 15

Centro Studi Italia Canada returns to deal with the Safe food for Canadian Regulations on the occasion of a new deadline which makes operational some very important provisions for the Italian food industry   The Safe Food for Canadian Regulations (SFCR) is the reform of the food...

Navigation in the Canadian Arctic

With the consequences of global warming and the advance of technology, the significance of the Arctic and the circumpolar routes are being reconfigured, between the anxiety of sovereignty and the new visions of foreign policy of the States   Laura Borzi*Article written in collaboration with Osservatorio Artico   Climate...

Summer School LUISS Training on Canada and Agri-Food Trade

IN-DEPTH TRAINING MODULE CANADA – EU Coordinators: Paolo Quattrocchi, director at Centro Studi Italia Canada, with Nctm Law Firm Lessons: 12 hours | July 6 and 7, 2020 | from 2 to 8 pm English language ONLINE MODE   PROGRAM Canada Country presentation Import/export Canada-EU in the agricultural sector and e-commerce Doing business...

CSIC and FAIR together dedicated to sustainability and innovation

We are pleased to announce the collaboration started between the Centro Studi Italia Canada and FAIR - The Florentine Association of International Relations.   FAIR is a non-profit, non-partisan, and apolitical association, created to build a bridge between ideas, talents, creativity of young people and the business...